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Another One Bites the Dust

077A102020150920LitFestSo here we are for the fourth time, packing up the gazebos and the banners and reflecting on another LitFest. Thanks for all the feedback you’ve given us – speakers and audiences: we do listen and, although we’re feeling pretty upbeat about all the positive comments we’ve received, nothing ever runs smoothly 100% of the time and we’re sure there are things we could have done better.

I only had a couple of events today, kicking off with Deborah Moggach. I’ve been a fan since reading To Have and to Hold in the 80s and Deborah was witty and delightful in person. She’s had such amazing success, with yet another film – Tulip Fever – on the horizon. It must be hard for her to write without wondering which actor will be cast in the role of each character she creates.

helencarolineSomething has been hanging over me for a couple of days and making me feel rather nervous: the fact that I was interviewing Helen Lederer at the Town Church. I knew it was silly to feel this way and that I’d enjoy it when it came to it, but Helen made it a really fun experience from the start. She’s a bundle of nervous energy herself and we all had such a laugh, hearing about Losing It and everything else. Thank you Helen, and your husband Chris, for being so lovely.

As ever, it’s great to meet not just the authors, but so many like-minded people. I can’t wait to read all my signed books, but this evening wine and the X Factor are all I can manage.

See you in 2017, Caroline


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