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Two Guernsey Festivals at Once!

Have you booked tickets for How to be a Grandfather? This post by Timothy Adès should persuade you..

Don’t miss the OVERLAP of the Literary Festival and the International Food Festival, in the two Victor Hugo events at Hauteville House! (Actually, these two events are really a single event done twice, on Sept 17 and 19, as the rooms in Hauteville House are not enormous). Michael of Le Petit Bistro has specially created for us a gastronomic treat – three historically themed canapés and a glass of French wine. So the price is a little higher. But with Michael’s food and drink, Hyoie O’Grady’s inspirational singing from Les Misérables and Victor Hugo’s great poetry put into English, it’ll be worth every penny.


Hyoie O’Grady, talented star of musical theatre

11992240_10208080890842742_208267080_nHugo wrote Les Misérables in his prime, an exile’s call for social justice. How to be a Grandfather is the charming work of an old man, though he still beats the drum. We’ll savour the contrast. These richly appointed rooms in his house were paid for by his hard work, by his success and the truth of what he wrote.

Victor Hugo was a great eater himself. His descendant Florian Hugo runs a Brasserie in Manhattan where they serve all kinds of well-documented Hugolian specialities. More about that in April! Victor used to provide a beef dinner every week at Hauteville House for many of the island’s destitute children. He could eat lobsters in their shells, and oranges in their peel…

Anyway,come and join us in Victor’s fabulous house for wine and food, poetry and song!

Please call 01481 721911 to book tickets.


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