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Get the Universe in your Hands!

A late addition to our line-up is Christophe Galfard, author of The Universe in Your Hand. Christophe has very kindly written this post to tell you a little more about what to expect when he comes to the LitFest next week.

Have you ever wondered what our position in the Universe might be? Have you ever dreamt of flying through the vast expanses of outer space, towards other stars and galaxies, to discover what the universe is about? christophe

If so, (and even if not so), do please join me on a journey through the known cosmos, from our planet, the Earth, to the edge of the visible Universe. With stunning images and short animated films, I will tell you the story that comes out of what we have learnt from the sky, and from the wit of some of our fellow humans. Afterwards, I’ll answer all the questions you may want to ask (related to science, obviously), about the Big Bang, black holes, parallel realities, extra-dimensions and all that.

I strongly believe that learning what is known makes one feel good. Very good even. And that there is no such thing as a stupid question. universe

But beware: what humanity has discovered throughout the past century is so amazing that you may want to come along with a friend, to make sure that someone, at least, will believe you.

Christophe’s talk is in The Hub on Saturday 19 September at 1.15pm. Book tickets on


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